Kiwi Sorbet Bar
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In celebration of summer Chef Dominique has transformed a fresh kiwi into a refreshing ice-cream treat by filling a milk chocolate “skin” with fresh kiwi sorbet, Tahitian vanilla ice cream and poppy seeds.

Not only does the cold treat taste delicious but true to all of Dominique Ansel’s creations there’s a hidden fun element; a surprising fuzzy texture on the outside just as you would expect from a real kiwi fruit.

The Kiwi Sorbet Bar is priced at £6 and available now until the end of summer at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Victoria. Full details are below for your convenience.

The Dish:
Filled with fresh kiwi sorbet, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and poppy seeds and delicately coated with a milk chocolate on the outside with a “fuzzy” texture

About Dominique Ansel:
Dominique Ansel’s career evolved from the age of 16 where he worked in a local French kitchen to financially help support his family. He then went onto teaching locals how to cook in French Guyana during his military service and eventually started working for Fauchon in Paris as an hourly holiday chef which lead to their international expansion. Dominique moved to New York in 2006 and maintained his role as Executive Pastry Chef for restaurant Daniel for six years until he opened Dominique Ansel Bakery New York in 2011 with just 4 employees and a 100-sq ft kitchen. He has since become world renowned for his innovations in patisserie that include the Cronut®, the Frozen S’more and The Milk and Cookie Shot and has expanded internationally opening another bakery in New York, one in London and two in Tokyo with a full-service restaurant in LA opening in the Autumn. This Dominique was announced as World’s Best Pastry Chef 2017 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants™ Academy.

Dominique Ansel Bakery London Address:
17-21 Elizabeth St

Dominique Ansel Bakery London Opening Hours:
The store is open from 8am to 8pm seven days


Social Handles:
Twitter: @DABLondon
Instagram: @dominiqueansellondon
Facebook: @DABLondon

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