We are more than a PR agency.

We strive to embody food, drink, hospitality and lifestyle intelligence.

Being proactive rather than reactive we ensure our ideas work and our deliverables are rooted in insight and a deep understanding of the ever changing world of food, drink, hospitality and lifestyle.

We appreciate that a lot may or may not have happened before you arrived at this stage of looking for support.

We treat every client uniquely and always provide a tailored solution to achieve your goals.

Offering a wide breadth of skills enables us to advise and execute the exact services you require and if your requirement encompasses several services we make sure everything works together seamlessly.

Below is a list of our core services. We also work in partnership with a wide range of talented professionals ranging from web designers and chalkboard artists to fortune tellers and celebrities, each one complementing our campaigns.

For any specific enquiries please contact us directly.


Sound strategy is at the forefront of our thinking. Fourteen Ten offer 20+ years of combined experience directing strategy for global brands.

We believe in road testing ideas before committing budget and we are not afraid to experiment with creative ideas when a spark is needed.

All of our campaigns adhere to KPI’s for measuring success.

Hotel Services


Excellent relationships are at the core of our work. We believe it is important to give journalists only the assets they need to create their own editorial; our press releases are short, informative, to the point and we never forget the importance of the visual.

Our campaigns are tailored specifically to increase online visibility and include bloggers and communities who hold significant power when it comes to shaping word of mouth for a brand, product, or service.

We are proud of the excellent relationship we have built with an extensive growing network of media and influencers.

Restaurant PR | Hospitality PR | Lifestyle PR | Alcohol Brand PR | Bar PR

Social Media

Social media channels boast the highest retained audiences online. Are you making the most of social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram?

Fourteen Ten offer insightful strategy and dedicated in-house journalism to either manage these profiles for you or provide training so you can effectively manage them.

If you just need a hand we can schedule posts on your behalf meaning you never need to miss another key date.

We have vast experience of reputation management and can take the stress out of responding on channels such as Trip Advisor for you.

Social Media Management

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Fourteen Ten are able to either create and execute purposeful marketing campaigns on your behalf or work with your marketing team to amplify existing promotions.

We always strive to demonstrate clear ROI and simplify the process of email campaign management for our clients.


Fourteen Ten have years of experience in producing creative design from websites and mobile applications to graphic illustration such as custom icons, menus and promotional materials. We offer in-house web design services and are able to project manage the creative process to eliminate hassle and turn projects around quickly.

If you need content such as video and photographs Fourteen Ten are able to manage this process for you. We believe in using specialists when expertise is needed. Our own services are augmented by a trusted network of content creators from web designers, illustrators, printers, photographers, musicians and application developers to videographers.

Creative | Web Design

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Brand Architecture

If you want to know what others are saying about your brand and the latest topics of conversation regarding your marketplace we can provide all the information you need, from in-depth analysis to a sound overview.

We can also benchmark against your competitors, identifying areas of concern or interest and monitor your progress.

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