Festive Launch
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Mille Patisserie have launched a festive special; Plantation Rum & Imbert Chestnut Mille Crêpe decorated with Japanese Yuzu Candy and Fresh Mint.

Every ingredient in this seasonal treat has been hand-selected for being the very best in it’s quality and flavour. The crêpes are made with fresh organic eggs, British whole milk and Shipton Mill organic wheat flour. The crème pâtissière that layers each of the 22 crêpes is made from Elle & Vire French whipping cream. Additionally this festive special is flavoured with Imbert Chestnuts from Ardèche, artisanal Caribbean Plantation Rum, imported Japanese yuzu and fresh mint.

The key ingredient in this celebratory treat is French chestnuts sourced from traditional family-run company Imbert, founded in 1920, celebrated for using only the best fruit for a superior flavour and perfume. Imbert refuse to use ready peeled or frozen chestnuts which means that production can only be carried out between the chestnut season of October and March.


Editor’s Notes

Festive Special Pricing

The Plantation Rum & Imbert Chestnut Mille Crêpe is £6.20 per slice and for an elegant centrepiece or decadent gift a whole cake is priced £56.

Festive Special Dates

Customers can purchase The Plantation Rum & Imbert Chestnut Mille Crêpe from now until the end of December.


8a Spring Street
W2 3RA

Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday (10am-8pm)
Sunday (midday-6pm)


Website: patisseriemille.com
Instagram: @patisserie_mille


Mille serve eight flavour variations of the classic French cake Gâteau Mille Crêpes made in-house using only premium ingredients such as English organic wheat flour from Shipton Mill, Valrhona 70% dark chocolate tempered in-house, Sicilian lemons juiced by hand and sesame seeds imported from Nagoya in Japan baked and ground in-house.


The light-as-air treat will be available by single serving slices (from £4.80) or whole cakes serving ten people (from £40) each carefully handmade using ingredients sourced for their exceptional quality and taste.


Original – Simply crêpes and French pastry cream from Elle & Vire
Chocolate – Valrhona 70% dark chocolate tempered in-house.
Topping: chocolate glaze, toasted hazelnut, chocolate feuilletine and gold powder.
Lemon – Sicilian lemons juiced by hand to make house-made lemon curd.
Topping: lemon curd and pistachio slivers.
Coffee – Arabica coffee beans carefully brewed at perfect water temperature.
Topping: coffee jelly, chocolate coffee beans, flaked coconut and gold powder.
Earl Grey – Twining loose tea celebrated for its bergamot floral scent.
Topping: Earl Grey jelly
Passion Fruit – Fresh purée with no added sugar or preservatives.
Topping: a fragrant combination of toasted flake coconut, fresh orange and thyme.
Sesame – Sesame seeds imported from Nagoya in Japan baked and ground in-house.
Topping: Cream and gold leaf
Matcha – Made with Kyoto’s most prestigious brand of matcha powder.
Topping: Piped matcha chocolate and matcha powder.

Mille in Paddington

Mille Crêpe specialist Mille patisserie launched in Paddington’s Spring Street adding to the growing number of independent food and drink outlets transforming this area.

Paddington Station’s Transformation

“With Workshop Coffee opening at The Pilgrm and avocado warriors Daisy Green holding down brunch with a vice-like grip Paddington station’s food offering is slowly coming up to temperature”
Eater London

Quotes about Mille

“plateful that hits every spot…a vogueish treat.. delicious”
Mina Holland : The Guardian

“Mille patisserie brings you city’s best in high pancake design”
Wallpaper* Magazine

“The hype is real. These Mille crepe cakes were so perfect in every way.”

“Oh my gosh I think I’m in love with mille crepes again. Patisserie Mille’s matcha crepe cake was so soft, super-rich in matcha flavour and the cream wasn’t overwhipped at all (a common mistake I’ve found in some places that try to make it too sturdy).”

“Would highly recommend pre-booking or calling as they sell out very quickly.”

“The best Mille cake in London!!”

“8/9 flavours a day and I can now vouch for all of them”

“It’s not only a blessing on our taste buds, but an absolute feast for the eyes”

“unbelievably delicious”

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