Their Story

Mille Crêpe specialist Mille patisserie launched on the 10th September 2018 in Paddington’s Spring Street adding to the growing number of independent food and drink outlets transforming this area.

Mille serve eight flavour variations of the classic French cake Gâteau Mille Crêpes made in-house using only premium ingredients such as English organic wheat flour from Shipton Mill, Valrhona 70% dark chocolate tempered in-house, Sicilian lemons juiced by hand and sesame seeds imported from Nagoya in Japan baked and ground in-house.

Mille provides a retail-only service from their elegantly designed shop in white and pastel colours that compliment their gateau; rose, custard and lavender.  Being just two minutes walk from Paddington Station and their modern elegant packaging means Mille are perfectly positioned for the sale of gifts or treats to passing travellers.

Our Work

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Recommended Products

At launch there are eight delicious flavours and it simply wouldn’t be right to sigle just one out: Original (Sarah’s favourite), Chocolate (Krista’s favourite), Lemon (David’s favourite), Coffee, Earl Grey Tea, Passionfruit (Brontë’s favourite), Seasame and Matcha.

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