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By: Fourteen Ten On: November 20, 2015 In: Industry Comments: 0

Emine Saner and Marina O’Loughlin recently published a very interesting article in The Guardian on the subject of gourmet takeaway. We often order supper in the office when working into the night and with so many high quality food delivery services to choose from the ordering decision causes much debate.

Once upon a time takeaways meant greasy pizzas, cold egg-fried rice and congealed curries and consumers could be forgiven for turning their noses up at food delivery. But not anymore. As Sane states “UK is a takeaway nation” and goes on to quote findings from Mintel that “23% of adults order a takeaway once a week or more”, “33% order one at least every month” and interestingly “JustEat, one of the giants in online takeaway ordering, recently reported that orders and pre-tax profits were up 50% in the first half of this year – and of the countries it operates in, the UK is its most lucrative market”.

Here at Fourteen Ten we shunned Just Eat in 2013 when we discovered Deliveroo. No reviews and no disappointments, just high-quality restaurants offering decent food, delivered efficiently and politely. Designed as a way for customers to order “amazing food from the best loved local restaurants who otherwise may not offer delivery”. We have since worked directly with Deliveroo with our clients Rossopomodoro, Shikumen and Ekachai and their vivacious consumer-facing way of working that is so evident in their brand has always made for fun collaborations.

With other delivery companies including HelloFresh, Pure London, Lunch Bxd and North London Asian favourite Too Too Moo we’re spoilt for choice. Does this huge rise in food delivery mean the end of eating out? We hope not because we’d much rather be eating our Deliveroo in the location of it’s creation as opposed to our desks but it comes down to convenience and thanks to the rise of gourmet food delivery we no longer have to compromise.

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