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Our NetworkTen Q&A sessions help us to develop relationships with and listen to our media.

Here is what Crummbs have to say about their blog, exciting plans for the future, what makes a good (or bad!) PR approach and what they were doing at 14.10 today.

1. Hello, who are you?
Hi Guys! It’s Stacey from Crummbs here!

2. Tell us a little about your blog
Crummbs came about 3 years ago, just when supper clubs & pop-ups were really starting to gain momentum. Remember when Flat Iron was above a pub in Shoreditch? Or Forza Win were unknown in Cambridge Heath? My friend Chris & I were always running about town, trying out the latest places and were often asked by our friends for recommendations. And that’s how Crummbs was born! Now we aim to let you in on the very best that London has to offer. And it offers SO much! We are totally in love with this city and hopefully that shows through the site. We now have a lovely bunch of writers to help us out and make sure we’re covering everything!

3. How long have you been writing your blog?
3 years now – and the time has totally flown! We started out doing really short tweet length reviews – things have really moved on since then! I cringe a little at some of our very first blog posts. It’s really satisfying to see how it’s grown.

4. What has been your most successful post and why?
Ooo, that’s tricky! Competitions or soft launch offers are always super popular. We’ve got an amazing prize on the site now actually – you can win a private chef to come to your home and cook a meal for 4 people!

5. Which social network is the most successful in driving traffic to your blog?
My favourite is Instagram – I find it such a happy place for foodie news. It’s obviously so visual & easy to engage, everyone has time for a double tap! It’s the one that’s grown the quickest for us as well.

6. What makes a good PR approach?
Over the years I’ve built some amazing relationships with PRs – it’s the ones that take the time to understand your site and send you relevant content. It’s always nice to meet up so you can put a name to a face too!
Some of them are genuinely so nice, I’d happily go for a bottle of wine with them, regardless of if we were talking shop! They look after us and that makes we want to look after them.

7. What makes a bad PR approach?
Obviously we get inundated with emails, as you can imagine! So it can be a little annoying if I’m sent a press release about a gnome (I’m not kidding, I’ve actually had this, more than once. Haha)

8. Do you have any exciting plans for your blog?
We’ve just launched an exciting new section called “Around the World”. This is where we share all of our top tips to Sleep, Eat, Drink & Do, outside of London. So far we’ve got NYC & Amsterdam up, but will shortly be adding Paris, Barcelona & Goa!

9. What is the first site you check when you go online?
Instagram – I think I’m actually a bit addicted. And then straight onto emails. Literally – while I’m still in bed, before my eyes are fully opened.

10. What were you doing at 14.10 today?
I was eating the most delicious hazelnut cake from Balthazar! It’s just round the corner from the office – dangerous!

Thank you Stacey from Crummbs, we hope we get to go for that bottle of wine!

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