The Murger
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Mayfair restaurant, Murger HanHan, is offering diners the opportunity to try the Murger, recognised as the world’s oldest sandwich or burger

The snack originated during the Qin dynasty (221 BC to 206 BC) of Shanxi Province, home of both the legendary Terracotta Warriors and the family who own Murger HanHan, London’s first authentic Xi’an restaurant.

The Murger, or rou jia mo in Chinese, is a pan-baked flatbread filled with spiced pork belly slow-cooked in a soup containing over 20 spices and seasonings and, like a burger, it is picked up in one or two hands and eaten whole, never cut into half. When you take a bite firstly there is a crunchy ‘crust’ followed by a little doughiness on the inside of the flatbread before the juicy and succulent slow-cooked meat. Extras such as chilli, vegetables, or any other condiments are not customary because the flavour of the meat is so rich and satisfying.

The family make the dish daily using a secret recipe that has been passed down through the generations from their ancestors meaning diners can take a bite of history and experience the very same taste that as has been enjoyed by millions of Shanxi habitants spanning centuries.

The restaurant offer three varieties of Murger and the original Pork Murger is priced at £5.

Murger HanHan |  Xi’an City, Shan Xi Chinese Restaurant | Mayfair

The Murgers:
Details: Slow cooked pork served in flat bread.
Price: £5

Pork Murger with Lean Pork
Details: Slow cooked lean pork served in flat bread.
Price: £6

Spicy Beef Murger with Peppers & Cumin
Details: Slow cooked spiced beef with peppers and cumin served in flat bread
Price: £6.50

About Murger HanHan:
Murger HanHan are specialists in regional Chinese cuisine from Xi’an City, Shan Xi Province – the home of the legendary Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty. The restaurant is in Mayfair, beautifully decorated, and around 3 minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus so very accessible. Their large portions and low prices make Murger Han exceptional value for money.

Recommended Dishes:
Murger HanHan signature dishes are:
The “Murger” – considered the Chinese equivalent to the Western hamburger and is the world’s oldest sandwich or hamburger dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221 BC – 206 BC).
We recommend: Pork Murger

Murger Soup – this is a traditional soup that contains the Murger (as above) chopped into small bite-size pieces. There is also a stir-fried soup that uses a slightly different dough than the classic Murger that does not contact yeast, this creates a crispier texture in the soup similar to croutons.
We recommend: Stir Fried Murger Soup with Chilli Sauce and Egg with Lamb and Beef Burger Soup.

MurgerHanHan is the only restaurant in Europe that serves traditional drinks from Xi’an City such as Tsingtao No. 9 beer (named to indicate it needs to be served at 9 degrees), Ice Peak Orange Soda (classic childhood drink from the region) and an unusual Xi’an rice wine that is served both warm and cold. It has a light floral flavour and lightly brewed so it is cloudy and low in alcohol (0.5%). The reason it has a floral taste is said to be because the Emperor had a lover who used to wear this specific flower (Osmanthus) in her hair so symbolises his love to her.

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Opening Hours:
Sunday to Saturday
Midday – 10pm

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Instagram: @murgerhanhan
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Web: murgerhan.com

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