Murger Han Fifth Birthday
By: Fourteen Ten On: July 22, 2019 In: Campaigns, Restaurant Publicity Comments: 0

We are very proud to wish our client Murger Han a very happy 5th birthday of their first branch (Euston) early next month.

They were the first Xi’an restaurant to open in London and the distinctive flavours from this Chinese region have since become more widespread with the opening of  Xi’an Impression, then Murger Han Mayfair, Master Wei and most recently Bin Bin Q.

The Xi’an flavour is unique from other Chinese seasoning as the region, and more key, its Capital is the final stop on the Silk Road and therefore influenced by cumin, chilli and salt from neighbouring Mongolia; these three ingredients are the basis of all Xi’an cuisine. Additionally the region does not cultivate rice – which a lot of people find surprising – because the region as it does not have abundant rainfall throughout the year, hence unleavened bread and wheat noodles are the main staple and prepared in dozens of ways.

As well as their 12ft Biang Biang noodles making great IG content (#noodlepull) the flavour is extremely moreish and a firm favourite of our team.

We are working with Influencers and media to announce their birthday celebration of a special (and generous) £5 menu and if a diner has a 5 in their birthday they eat for free.



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