La Tiao Zi Noodles
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We are pleased to announce that La Tiao Zi noodles can now be eaten in London.

This is the first time the hand-pulled noodle is available to try in London and they have been introduced to the menu at the Capital’s first Xi’an restaurant, Murger Han Han.

La Tiao Zi are a noodle similar in shape to udon, but slightly less thick and made with wheat flour. They are also hand-pulled which gives them an irregular shape, ideal for holding soups and sauces. These can be enjoyed with a range of house toppings including newly introduced slow-cooked beef or lamb, and spicy braised chicken with green pepper and onion.

In 2014, Murger Han brought this Northern Chinese cuisine to the capital. It’s taste is extremely unique from other Chinese seasoning as the city is positioned on the Silk Route and therefore influenced by cumin, chilli and salt from neighbouring Mongolia; these three ingredients are the basis of all Xi’an cuisine. As well as this, the region is wheat not rice-cultivating, hence the unleavened bread (the namesake Murger) and wheat noodles (prepared in dozens of ways).

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12 noon – 10pm daily


From £10.80


Murger Han Han
8A Sackville St

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Sunday to Saturday
12 noon – 10pm



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About Murger HanHan

The dishes originated during the Qin dynasty (221 BC to 206 BC) of Shanxi Province, home of both the legendary Terracotta Warriors, and the family who own Murger HanHan; London’s first authentic Xi’an restaurant.

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