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Havana Club, the authentic Cuban Rum and cross arts centre Rich Mix have collaborated to present the Havana Club Wall Project.

The Project is an art competition that will allow emerging talents to gain exposure in one of East London’s cultural hotspots. The twelve-month project includes three commissions launched by three live events, hosted in conjunction with the start of Rich Mix’s new seasons.

The Havana Club Wall Project is a celebration of the unique spirit of the Cuban city of Havana. It will embody the unique and inspiring attitude that reflects the true values of the Cuban capital – humanity, spontaneity and creativity – all of which are synonymous with authentic Cuban rum.

The Summer Season application received many exciting interpretations on the true values of Havana and the final winner was LXOne.

“”I’ve used shapes and symbols that refers to my work and interpreted the brief using colour and movement. Orange is for the sun, red is for the passion and yellow is for the happiness – all characteristics I see in Cuban humanity. The geometrical patterns convey both accurateness but also spontaneity with my use of the arrow. The value of creativity can be seen in the finished product from submission to completing my work and the whole creative process been something I have hugely enjoyed having the opportunity to do” – LXOne

Entries for the final wall are submitted by e-mail to visualarts@richmix.org.uk, a selection will be posted on the Havana Club UK Facebook page and Rich Mix Facebook page to invite public feedback.

Summer Season Winner : LXOne

LX One Completed Wall

See the finished Wall at Rich Mix from now until August.

Enter for the final Wall Project to showcase your art between August – October.

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