Egg Dan Tart
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Yee Kwan’s Egg Dan Tart Ice Cream is a unique alternative to the classic chocolate or traditional egg item. The ice cream is made with rich and indulgent egg custard tarts including tasty pastry crumbs and the flavour is inspired by Yee Kwan’s travelling adventures across China and particularly Hong Kong.

Aside from Egg Dan Tart flavour, Yee’s more traditional chocolate ice cream flavours for Easter include Chocolate and Chilli, Chocolate and Shichimi Pepper and Chocolate Miso.

Background info:

Yee Kwan parted ways with her carreer as a Charter Surveyor in 2009 to create Yee Kwan Ice Cream with an aim to fill the gap in the ice cream industry by providing innovative and exciting flavour combinations that are inspired by her travels around the world. She has now been amongst the Great Taste Award Winners for 6 years running, after her successful appearance on Dragon’s Den she is now mentored by Deborah Meaden. Last month she starred on My Kitchen Rules UK with Pierre Koffman.

Egg Dan Tart Ice Cream

Rich and indulgent egg custard ice cream with tasty pastry inclusions.
Available: from Ocado nationwide
rrp: £4.99

Chocolate Miso

Luxuriously smooth rich chocolate ice cream when paired with miso creates a salty caramel taste.
Available: from Ocado nationwide
rrp: £4.99

Chocolate and Chilli

This is highly addictive, the deliciously rich chocolate is luxuriously smooth, then feel the kick of chilli and the warmth in the back of your throat.
Available: from Ocado nationwide
rrp: £4.99

Chocolate and Shichimi Pepper

The Japanese Shichimi powder is a blend of seven flavours that tickle the tongue and enhance the flavour of the rich dark chocolate.
Available: from Ocado nationwide
rrp: £4.99

About Yee Kwan

Yee Kwan is 41 years old, born in Sheffield with Chinese heritage. Mother to three young children (Max 10, Dexter 5, Alexa 2). Yee Kwan Previously worked as a chartered quantity surveyor for 8 years but decided to follow her passion for food.

About Yee Kwan Ice Cream : Ice Cream & Adventures

Awards: Great Taste Award Winners for 5 years running.
Dragon’s Den: Successful entrant currently mentored by Deborah Meaden.
Availability: Currently available in Ocado, Whole Foods, Harvey Nichols and offered as desserts in Wagamama, Patara, The Royal China, Shoryu Ramen, Wok n Go.
History: Established in 2009, based in Sheffield, Yee Kwan Ice Cream specialise in developing, creating and producing ice cream and sorbet flavours inspired by her travelling adventures. Inspiration: Innovative and exciting range of flavours fill a gap in the market in the ice cream industry and offer our customers interesting flavour combinations that are inspired by Yee Kwan’s travels around the world and childhood trips to ice cream parlours.
Future expansion: Launching with Giggling squid in October and launching products with Wagamama into their European, Irish and UAE sites in the coming months.

Web & Social Links

Web: yeekwan.com
Twitter: @YeeKwanIceCream
Facebook: @YeeKwanIceCream
Instagram: @yeekwanicecream

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