iPhone iPad Thermometer Range
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With the constant development of technology and arrival of new nifty gadgets it’s no surprised that the tech world is starting to revolutionise kitchen equipment.

The Range thermometer brings “digital power to the kitchen” – just plug download the App, plug the thermometer into your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch headphone jack, set up the temperature and then insert the thermometer into whatever you are cooking.

Whether you like to be perfectly precise or simply get frustrated at having to put things back in the oven for another ten minutes this gadget gives you the ability to see the exact calibrated temperature reading of your cooking. If you’re not sure what temperature your dish is supposed to be the App comes with an easy to use temperature guide.

It’s such a simple process that you can even leave the house as the App will alert you when it’s done just how you want it.

There are two ranges: The Ember Range perfect for meat which can be safely left in the oven (£45 approx) or The Aqua Range ideal for cheese-making, beer-brewing and baking (£80 approx). A small price for a taste of perfection.

You can buy them from here.
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