Chinese New Year
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Thanks to the variety of Asian food in London everyone can get involved in following the Chinese New Year tradition of eating food with symbolic significance.

Here is a selection of five restaurants each serving a traditional dish said to bring daji dali, good luck and great prosperity, to diners looking for a positive start to the Chinese New Year. 

All of the dishes below are available throughout the Chinese New Year period that runs from February 16th until March 2nd and review, filming and photo requests are welcome.

Food: Tang Yuan (rice balls)
Symbolism: Family togetherness.
Dish:  Black Sesame Ball in Ginger Tea 
Location: Shikumen 
Link : https://www.shikumen.co.uk

Food: Noodles
Symbolism: Happiness and longevity
Dish: Wheat Noodle with Braised Pork, Tomato & Egg Sauce & Chilly Oil 
Location: Murger Han
Link: http://www.murgerhan.com/#mayfair
More details: Made with one hand-pulled 8ft long continual noodle
Food: Nian Gao (glutinous rice cake)
Symbolism: Higher status.
Dish:  Crispy Sticky Rice Cakes
Location: Mrs Le’s Grill 
Link: http://vietnamesegrill.co.uk
More details: Represents the significance of a King’s son who valued the toil of his people.

Food: Dumplings and Spring Rolls
Symbolism: Wealth 
Dish: Vegetable Spring Rolls & Prawn and Scallop Sui Mai
Location: Ekachai
Link: http://www.ekachai.co.uk

Food: Fish 
Symbolism: Increase in prosperity.
Dish: Spicy Fragrant Fish with Dry Chilli and Pepper   
Location: Er Mei
Link: http://www.ermei.co.uk
More details: The huge amount of the colour red due to the chilli peppers on this Sichuan dish adds symbolism of success.

Details of this and other national food and drink events can be found on our Food & Drink Calendar.

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