Bubblewrap Celebrates First Birthday
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On Thursday 8th March Bubblewrap celebrate their first birthday with a limited edition Bad Bubblewrap (in partnership with fellow market trader friends Bad Brownie), Buy One Get One Free all day, bespoke balloons gifted to the first 100 customers and a competition launched to win a Bubblewrap every month for a year.

Bubblewrap started as a theoretical University project, began trading at Berwick Street market, moved into a tiny premises on Wardour Street and then exploded across social media and generated global print, radio, TV and online news and by their first birthday it is estimated that 175,000 Bubblewraps will have been sold.

The reinvention of Hong Kong’s classic street snack invented in the 1950s to use up broken eggs unexpectedly captured the imagination of London and beyond. This resulted in Time Out London’s highest ever performing Facebook video (21 million views, 138,000 Shares, 141,000 Likes and 148,000 comments), queues of up to three hours that snaked down Wardour Street from opening day never dropping below an hour wait for the first nine months, and the consequent boom in copycat stores including Rupert Street’s Bufle that has opened and since closed chasing the trend.

Their celebratory Bad Bubblewrap is made with original waffle base and vanilla gelato topped with popcorn, chocolate crunchies, chocolate sauce and a Bad Brownie Egg in a nod towards the heritage of this classic street snack. It is priced at £7.99 and available from Thursday March 8th until Sunday March 12th.

Limited Edition Bad Bubblewrap
About: Created in partnership with Bad Brownie who were fellow market traders when Bubblewrap first began trading.  The egg is a nod to the heritage of Bubblewrap Waffle.
Description: Original waffle base and vanilla gelato (can be changed to a gelato of choice) topped with popcorn, chocolate crunchies, chocolate sauce and a Bad Brownie Egg.
Bad Brownie Egg: made using Bad Brownie’s signature dark chocolate brownie filled with passionfruit and mango core wrapped in coconut fondant layer and then covered in creamy white chocolate speckled to finish.

Buy One Get One Free Bubblewrap
Available for all purchases of one Bubblewrap for the entire day of  March 8th.

Bespoke balloons 
The first 100 customers will receive a Bubblewrap Birthday Balloon.
Image: As below, higher resolution available.
Bubblewrap Celebrates First Birthday
Win a Bubblewrap every month for a year.
How to enter: 
Competition running from 5th March to 11th March
To enter:
FOLLOW us on Insta @BubblewrapLDN
POST your Bubblewrap selfie.
TAG with #birthdaywaffle
WIN a combo waffle (worth £6.99) for each month for a year from April 1st 2018 until 31st of March 2019

Bubblewrap’s Viral Success:
Bubblewrap have experienced a phenomenal year in which their product became a viral success.  Initial Facebook videos created by Time Out & Buzzfeed amount to 21m views, 1k shares and 188k likes alone with the former being the highest performing Time Out London Facebook video in history.  This viral mania alongside their unique ingredients lead to queues that still line the streets of Chinatown and an explosion in the “Bubble Waffle” dessert trend where stores opened across the UK selling replicas of their product. By their first birthday it is estimated that 175,000 Bubblewraps will have been sold.


24 Wardour St
London W1D 6QJ


Social Links
Facebook: @bubblewraplondon
Twitter: @bubblewrap_ldn

Instagram: @bubblewraplondon

Opening Hours
12.30pm – 10.30pm daily

Bubblewrap Waffles Viral Videos:
Time Out London Facebook:
Highest performing video on Time Out London
Stats: 21m views / 136.1k shares / 140k likes
Link: facebook.com/TimeOutLondon/videos/10154370120182405/

Buzzfeed Facebook:
Stats: 12m views / 56.8k shares / 48k likes.

First report of queues:

About Bubblewrap Waffle:
Bubblewrap Waffle consists of an amalgamation of the original Hong Kong Egg Waffle with European dessert influences. Customers can completely customise their Bubblewrap with the ingredients used that are of the highest quality, locally sourced where possible and chosen based on freshness, appearance and taste.  Customers are offered guidance with suggestions of flavour combinations such as;  Classic Waffle with Cream, Pistachio and White Chocolate, Cocoa Waffle with Berries, Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate and Hong Kong favourite Matcha Waffle with Mochi and Red Bean.

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