We approached our client when we heard about Vine. Let’s use Vine! We said.. we seized the opportunity and were the first people in the world to use the video app in a marketing guise. Thank you to our client The Cavendish London Hotel who trusted us and allowed us to act quickly.


How could we use Vine quickly? The app launched in January so it made sense to link it to the next topical event which was Valentine’s Day. #ValentineVine almost wrote itself and with the prize of a romantic stay for two the entries were submitted via twitter after promotion across the hotel’s social media channels. We also ran a trade press release to promote the hotel and their innovative work which gained widespread recognition and respect. One quote read: “With hotels like The Cavendish London using emerging tech to promote Valentine’s Day why can’t every brand in the leisure and tourism sector try and move with the times?”


  • First agency GLOBALLY to promote a branded contest on Vine.
  • This article was published on leading social media platform Mashable and their article received almost 1,000 social shares.
  • We achieved 14 items of online trade media coverage and 53 social media shares from consumers on final report to reach a potential audience of 15.1 million.