YiFang UK Launch
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YiFang are a Cult Taiwanese Tea Shop who source directly from own plantations and fruit farms

Fourteen Ten are delighted to announce that today at midday cult Taiwanese brand YiFang opened their first store in the UK in London’s Chinatown.

YiFang was inspired by the founder’s childhood memories of drinking tea with his grandmother and since launching in 2016 YiFang have opened over 600 stores serving their range of all-natural teas.

Their incredible popularity is thanks to the exceptional taste of healthy drinks made with no preservatives or additives following unique sourcing from their own rural farms located in the Taiwanese regions that produce the best of each particular product; passion fruit from Puli in central Taiwan and plums from Xinyi in the north for example. YiFang also harvest premium tea from their own mountain plantations and source sugar cane from the lush valleys of Xikou. As well as using their homegrown ingredients from Taiwan YiFang locally source apples, oranges, lemon and grapefruit from New Spitalfields Market twice weekly and milk from UK suppliers. Please see further sourcing details below.

Their Shaftesbury Avenue address will serve 20 varieties of tea taken from the recipe book of its founder’s great grandmother. YiFang’s three signature teas are the YiFang Fruit Tea (mountain-tea with apple, orange, pineapple, passion fruit and their secret-recipe pineapple jam), Fresh Milk Tea with Pearl (the perfect balance of mountain-tea and fresh milk) and the Brown Sugar Milk With Pearl or ‘YiFang Mud Flip’ as it is known.

YiFang’s sleek branding has made their teas a must-have accessory in the hand of millions of Taiwanese customers with their YiFang Mud Flip being the most popular choice; made by layering fresh milk tea over natural brown sugar the cup is flipped to create a “mud” effect as the dark sugar slowly mixes with the fresh milk.

Please find further details below and if you wish to try this exceptional product please do not hesitate to contact us.


“We are excited to open our first permanent location in the UK. Chinatown London offers the very best of Chinese food and drink in London, which made it the obvious choice for the beginning of our brand’s expansion. While we are extremely well known in Taiwan we hope to introduce the Taiwanese tradition of drinking tea and the culture of our country to the UK. We take great pride in serving the very best product to our customers and look forward to adding to London’s existing market of diverse experiences from around the globe.”
Pokai Wang, YiFang

Opening Date

Friday May 25th

Store Address

104 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EQ

Contact Number


Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday: midday-10pm



Social Links:

Instagram: @yifangtea.uk
Facebook: @yifangteauk

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Additional ordering details:

The drinks are available in regular and large size priced from £2.95 to £4.65 and customised by choosing sugar and ice levels, extra toppings (tapioca pearls, grass jelly and aiyu jelly) with the option to be served hot or cold.

Sourcing Details:

Key ingredients are sourced from their own farms in the best areas of Taiwan known for production of the particular products. Some examples are:

Farm: YiFang Passion Fruit Farm
Region: Puli
Product: PuLi Passion Fruit Green Tea

Farm: YiFang Plum Farm
Region: Xinyi
Product: Xinyi Plum Green Tea

Farm: YiFang Sugarcane Plantations
Region: Xikou
Product: all sweetened products use sugarcane as well as Sugar Cane Tea known as as Xikou Sugar Cane Ching Tea

Farm: YiFang Black Tea Plantations
Region: Sun Moon Lake region
Product: All black teas used

Farm: YiFang Ching Tea Plantations
Region: Song Bo Ling region
Product: All Ching teas used


Milk is sourced from their own diary in Taiwan however due to supporting local economy and maintaining freshness milk is sourced from the UK.

Sourcing from UK

Fruit is locally sourced from New Spitalfields Fruit and Vegetable Market in London’s E10. The purchasing team visit twice weekly at 2am to purchase apples, oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

Pineapple Jam

Additionally Pineapple Jam made to a secret recipe is imported from Taiwan along with the fruit and sugar cane.

About Chinatown & Shaftesbury

China is changing and traditional values are being complemented by new ideals and trends, inspired by other parts of the Far East and the West. This is influencing what Chinese people and visitors expect in Chinatown. Shaftesbury understands this and is experiencing directly the evolution of China, spending time in its cities to see, taste and hear what is happening first hand. Whilst inherently Chinese, under Shaftesbury’s long-term curating and partnership with the community, Chinatown is evolving to reflect the changes occurring in the Far East, creating is a mix of tradition and modernism that makes cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul some of the most exciting places in the world.

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