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Yard Sale Pizza Rides K-Wave for August

The Korean-wave continues to thrive in London with one of London’s best-loved purveyors of pizza, Yard Sale Pizza, announcing a new month-long collaboration with Korean soju brand JINRO.

JINRO are not only Korea’s number one soju brand but sell more than any other spirit in the world.

This August, the pair are launching Seoul Mate; a limited-edition Korean pizza inspired by the popular anju (Korean drinking food) buldak that combines chicken covered in a sweet and spicy glaze topped with a layer of gooey melted cheese. The Seoul Mate will feature the signature Yard Sale tomato base, topped with gochujang and gochugaru spiced chicken, spring onions, pickled daikon and fior di latte mozzarella with a gochujang mayo available on the side.

The flavours of Seoul Mate have been designed to pair with the new peach soju from JINRO’s Chamisul range of lower-abv fruit flavoured soju.

“We took inspiration from the popular Korean drinking dish buldak (translating as ‘fire chicken’) to develop the perfect pairing for the JINRO soju combo” said Yard Sale Pizza. “Combining spicy Korean chicken with the sharp pickled daikon, freshness of the spring onions and the sweetness of the peach in the soju, it’s a delicious, zingy summertime special!”

Seoul Mate is available in two sizes; 12” priced at £13.50 or 18” to serve two hungry people priced at £25.50. JINRO Peach can be purchased individually for £7 a bottle (350ml) or half price (£3.50) when ordering a ‘combo deal’ of the pizza and soju together.

Both items are available for dining in, takeaway and delivery.

A limited-edition box design will be used by Yard Sale throughout August for all pizzas at all sites with a design inspired by JINRO’s toad mascot created by Dela Studio.

JINRO UK said “we want people to know that JINRO goes well with food, and not just Korean food. The pizza designed by Yard Sale has all the elements of Korean food, a balance of sweet and spice with some barbecue or grill element, this is the perfect backdrop for JINRO. People are often very surprised to know that in Korea we love cheese! Especially when it is melted into dishes because it balances the spice. The partnership between Yard Sale Pizza and JINRO is a great example of JINRO traversing cuisines and we are very happy to launch our collaboration to give diners the opportunity to discover new flavours, particularly as interest in Korean culture grows.”

JINRO continues; “We are happy to see that overseas sales are growing more than domestic sales, which is our focus. Our figures show that in Britain, consumption of JINRO is increasing by 35% every year and with more collaborations like this we hope to build on this to encourage people to know more about soju so they can truly enjoy it.”

The limited-edition Seoul Mate pizza and JINRO Peach will be available for the month of August at all ten Yard Sale Pizza sites.

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