Death Cafe
By: Fourteen Ten On: December 7, 2015 In: Industry Comments: 0

London is fairly open-minded and forgiving when it comes to new trends and ideas. All we have to do is look at the number of quirky and gimmicky restaurants that have been welcomed with open arms like the Tube Carriage Basement Gallery, sex-shop-entry La Bodega Negra or the Hurwundeki experience of Korean Food with an order of short back and sides.

But we have a question. Would a “death café” be one step too far?

Chatting about all things death over a flat white and a muffin might seem a bit odd and not everyone’s idea of a relaxing activity but perhaps “death cafes” would encourage us Brits to talk about something so often avoided. We find the subject of death awkward and in general avoid talking about IT but considering IT is unavoidable perhaps we should become more comfortable with the subject.

If you do want to get behind “death cafés” you can purchase one of the £50 shares that are being sold in a crowdfunding campaign in the hope of raising the £350,000 needed for a permanent café in London where people would meet for a coffee and to discuss the likes of recent bereavement, assisted suicide, or cremation with the café’s staff and other customers.

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