Twitter World Record
By: Fourteen Ten On: March 3, 2014 In: Industry, Social Media Comments: 0

When you create campaigns for clients there is always the underlying desire for it to be the best campaign EVER, with the most results EVER and the biggest reach EVER.

Fourteen Ten always strive for these results and in the past we have achieved:
*FIRST consultancy GLOBALLY to create a contest mechanic on VINE (more about that via Lonely Brand and Mashable)
*FIRST consultancy IN THE UK to create a FOURSQUARE based campaign for an alcohol brand
*Also, the FIRST consultancy IN THE UK to launch a TWITTER treasure hunt campaign

But what we haven’t done is broken a new Guinness World Record.

On 15 November, Pocky confirmed it had broken a new Guinness World Record. 3,710,044 were enough Twitter mentions to send Pocky into the history book making this campaign the most successful Twitter campaign ever. Now that is something we’d like to add our roll-call.

Pulsar measured the spread of the campaign and kindly analysed the secrets behind the campaign’s success. The results are specific to the make-up for Pocky’s outstanding efforts to break the world record however they contain some useful insight into virility and key components, plus of course the magical luck, timing and reception that can swing any campaign from bin to win. We’ve seen many times that outlining goals and rewards really push campaigns and this is brilliant example of inspiring the online community to drive it forward for you.

Congratulations to the SM and digital marketing team at Pocky.

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