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Fourteen Ten are delighted to announce Three Uncles are opening their second location in Camden.

The popular Hong Kong style Siu Mei (Cantonese roast meats) kiosk, will open at Camden’s new Hawley Wharf Market on Monday September 13th 2021.

Childhood friends and chefs Cheong Yew (Uncle Lim), Pui Sing Tsang (Uncle Sidney) and Mo Kwok (Uncle Mo) have built a reputation over the past two years from their small takeaway kiosk in Liverpool Street specialising in homemade chopped-to-order Cantonese Roast Duck, Crispy Pork Belly (Siu Yuk) and Char Siu Pork. Inspired by their almost daily habit of spending hours at Siu Mei spots whilst growing up together in Hong Kong in the 1970s the three uncles are proud to open their second location in north London, this time with some help from Auntie Jun!

Two traditional Hong Kong dishes will be added to the existing menu; Auntie Jun’s Char Siu Sou (handmade by Uncle Sidney’s cousin who is famed for her baked sweet BBQ pork pastries) and Curry Fishballs (traditional Hong Kong-style fishballs served with Uncle Lim’s secret curry sauce).

Like the Siu Yuk and Roast Duck the Char Siu used in Auntie Jun’s famed Char Siu Sou goes through many stages before even entering the oven. The Char Siu starts with British pork collar, to which a combination of twelve herbs and spices are used as a marinade before adding a secret recipe marinade. Then follows a laborious 6-step technique (marinate on the inside, rub on the outside, fan dry, roast, rest, and serve) that includes 48 hours marinate to impart flavour and roasting in an oven imported from Hong Kong.

“The roast meats are the star of the show but for our new launch we are very lucky to have convinced Auntie Jun to make her Char Siu Sou, flaky on the outside and tender and meaty on the inside, just as they should be” says Uncle Sidney.

To celebrate their opening the Three Uncles are giving away 328 half-price orders (signifying prosperous business in Chinese numerology) from opening at midday on September 13th until they run out. The offer is available across the entire menu inclusive of alcohol and without restriction on ordering the more you order the more you save.

Siu Mei brings back treasured memories for us; growing up in Hong Kong in the 70s we would visit the famous roast meat cafes near Wan Chai market and watch the skilled chefs chopping delicious chunks of roast duck and char siu pork” says Uncle Mo. “Siu Mei remains one of the most popular types of food for everyday Hong Kongers but in London you can only really find it in restaurants in Chinatown so we look forward to continue to bring this food out to the streets to make it available to all as you would find across the Far East”.

Editors Notes


Hawley Wharf
Foodhall on Level 2
1 Water Ln

Opening Hours

12pm – 9pm, 7 days a week

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All packaging is plastic free.

Company History

August 2019 – Launch, Liverpool Street
September 2021 – Hawley Wharf Market, Camden

Full Menu

*New* Sides 
Curry Fishballs with Uncle Lim’s Secret Curry Sauce: £4 (for 4)
Auntie Jun’s Famous Char Siu Sou: £3.75 (for 2)

Sui Mei
Roast Duck: £10.50
Char Siu: £8.50
Sui Yuk: £8.50
All dishes served with pak choi and steamed jasmine rice

Sui Mei Combo
Any two meats: £9.50
Any three meats: £11
All dishes served with pak choi and steamed jasmine rice

Special Sauces: Soy & Rock Sugar, Plum Sauce, Ginger & Spring Onion Sauce, Hainan Chilli Vinegar Sauce, HK Chilli Oil (all £1).

Hainan Chicken Rice
Served with pak choi: £9.50

Lo Mein 
Topped with Wonton & Char Siu: £9.50
Topped with Beef Brisket & Mooli: £9.50
Topped with Roast Duck & Char Siu: £9.95

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