YiFang Mud Flip
By: Fourteen Ten On: June 8, 2018 In: Products Comments: 0

We are pleased to introduce the cult Taiwanese craze the ‘YiFang Mud Flip’

The drink started to attract attention after YiFang launched their take on the popular Pearl Milk Tea (tea, milk, tapioca and sugar syrup) by using thicker brown cane sugar and using a different method to cooking tapioca balls creating a richer version of the familiar version.

Customers were advised to shake the drink to mix the layers however one customer decided to ‘flip’ the cup and filmed the brown syrup slowly being dragged down into the fresh milk by the tapioca balls. This created a mesmerising ‘mud-like effect’ similar to a lava lamp and combined with the fun hands-on action of flipping the cup and the unusual creamy treacle-like flavour it quickly became one of YiFang’s best selling drinks.

The drink can be found on the menu called ‘Brown Sugar Milk With Pearl’ and is priced at £4.45 (regular) or £4.65 (large) and can be found at YiFangs new Chinatown address.



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