The Virginia BBQ In A Box
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Catoctin Creek Distillery in Virginia has partnered with Tom Hixson of Smithfield who has chosen the best American-style meat cuts, Brixton’s Lazy Scientist has created three limited edition rye-based hot sauces with Catoctin’s master distiller and the box also includes full preparation guide from Tom Hixson, recipes for authentic Virginian sides and cocktails, a Spotify playlist, instructions for Cornhole (a traditional Virginia garden game) and more…

The Virginia BBQ In A Box is not just a unique and fun gift but it is also incredible value priced at just £110 (including delivery) for nearly 5kg of meat, as well as a full-size bottle of rye, sauces and added extras, comfortably serving six people. Tom Hixson is also offering £10 off first orders (over £50) via newsletter sign-up.

It is available now for pre-order online with delivery on June 17th and 18th ahead of Father’s Day on the 22nd.

What’s Included

  • Wexford Valley Tomahawk Steak (0.9kg)
  • Boneless BBQ Beef Rib Fingers (0.8kg)
  • Full Rack USDA St Louis Pork Ribs (1.5kg)
  • Whole Free Range Label Anglais Chicken (1.6kg)
  • A bottle of Virginia’s award-winning Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye (70cl)

Three limited edition The Lazy Scientist X Catoctin Creek Ranger’s Hot Sauces
(3 x 100ml)

  • Ranger’s Revenge (hot)
  • Grandpa’s Tabacky (smokey spicy)
  • Virginia Hayride Hot Sauce (sweet spicy)


  • Your Guide To Creating Your Virginia BBQ

The guide contains full preparation and cooking notes from Tom Hixson, Scott Harris’ Virginia Dry Rub recipe, Catoctin Creek Old Fashioned recipe, recommendations and recipes for classic Virginia sides (fried okra, smokey tip bbq beans, potato salad and hush puppies), how to play the traditional Viriginia game Cornhole and a link to a curated Catoctin Creek Spotify playlist.

How to order

Order online here: https://www.tomhixson.co.uk/product/the-virginia-bbq-in-a-box-2181

Virginia BBQ Box Labels

Catoctin Distillery X The Lazy Scientist Hot Sauces

Brixton’ Lazy Scientist has worked directly with Catoctin’s Master Distiller to create three sauces all containing Catoctin Creek 80 Proof Rye in three different flavour profiles:

The Lazy Scientist X Catoctin Creek Ranger’s Revenge Hot Sauce (hot!) (100ml)
With red chilli, garlic and agave syrup named after the Loudoun Rangers were the only known squadron of Quaker militia in the area that surrounds Catoctin Creek. Although Quakers are well known for being pacificts these militia carried guns and protected their farmlands during the Civil War.

The Lazy Scientist X Catoctin Creek Grandpa’s Tabacky Hot Sauce (smokey spicy) (100ml)
With chipotle, maple and allspice named because “Virginia was once the largest tobacco producer in the world and there was nothing quite like the smell of my grandfather’s pipe on a cool spring morning” says Catoctin Creek’s founder Scott Harris.

The Lazy Scientist X Catoctin Creek Virginia Hayride Hot Sauce (sweet spicy) (100ml)
With scotch bonnet, pineapple and lime so called because there is nothing sweeter in the cool Virginia autumns than a hay ride with your special someone.


“To recreate an authentic Virginia style barbeque at home you need three things; dry-rubbed meat including ribs and pulled meat, spicy sweet smokey sauces, and plenty of rye!” says Scott Harris, owner of Catoctin Creek Distillery located in Loudoun County in north Virginia.

“We’ve got as close as possible to recreating a Virginia BBQ. Our authentic USDA St. Louis Ribs are firm favourite amongst the American smoker community and what better to represent the pleasure of sharing BBQ than our sharing bone-in Tomahawk steak weighing almost a kilo and sourced from the grassy plains of Wexford Valley”.
Tom Hixson of Smithfield

Cooking Guide by Tom Hixson

Wexford Valley Tomahawk Steak (0.9kg)
Preparation > dry rub with Virginia Dry Rub by Scott Harris
Cooking > The king of steak needs nothing but direct heat until cooked to your preference, then leave to rest. We have left the full length bone on to enhance the taste of this flavourful cut.
Eating > After letting it rest simply slice ’n’ serve with as much or as little of your favourite hot sauce as you like

Boneless BBQ Beef Rib Fingers (0.8kg)
Preparation > dry rub with Virginia Dry Rub by Scott Harris
Cooking > Cut from between the ribs, this fantastic produce is easy to cook on heat. Just slice into chunks and flip to brown each side and then let them rest.
Eating > Point That Finger! How to play: dip each finger in a different sauce, present on a plate, each player points their finger at a finger and guesses the sauce.

Full Rack USDA St Louis Pork Ribs (1.5kg)
Preparation > dry rub with Virginia Dry Rub by Scott Harris
Cooking > The key here is low and slow. You’ll know when they are done when you pick them up with tongs and the meat cracks between the bones.
Eating > Slice between every rib and share! Don’t forget to save some of the gnarly ends, chop and throw those ’smoky tips’ into your barbecue beans.

Whole Free Range Label Anglais Chicken (1.6kg)
Preparation > dry rub with Virginia Dry Rub by Scott Harris
Cooking > Spatchcock and cook thoroughly. To be sure pierce the meat at the widest point near the leg joint and make sure the juices run clear.
Eating > Make yourself a pulled chicken sandwich with a generous serving of Virigina Hayride sauce. Tip: Use a fork to pull the skin as well as the meat for extra flavour.

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