Their Story

The Lebanese Bakery (TLB) is a neighbourhood bakery serving a delicious variety of Lebanese flatbreads (Manousheh), bite sized bakes (Mouajjanet) and more. TLB’s vision is to revive the Manousheh while remaining strongly rooted in it’s food heritage and traditions. After opening in Beirut in 2016 TLB travelled to London and opened it’s doors in 2018 bringing with it the authentic flavours of Lebanon

Our Work

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Recommended Dish

We recommend sharing three Manousheh between two people: our favourites are the Halloumi & Basil, Baked Eggs & Sujuk and the Haleweh & Strawberry. TLB also serves bite sized bakes called Mouajjanet which make a perfect addition to the meal; we particularly enjoy the Nutella and Hazlenut one.


The Lebanese Bakery