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SugoiJPN, is run by husband and wife team Felipe and Veronica Preece who have created the NoriTaco; a crispy tempura shell shaped like a taco filled to order with rice and furikake and finished with Japanese and Latin American toppings.

The NoriTaco took the couple over a year to develop with extreme attention devoted to achieving key product deliverables; maintaining the crunch without cracking, standing upright holding fillings in place and maintaining texture while being filled with wet ingredients to allow at least 40 minutes travel time for delivery.

Following growing sales from a small “dark kitchen” and catering via walkie-talkie to a local pub and wine bar Felipe and Veronica have invested in a food truck serving the unique item.

Prices start from £4.80 which is extremely good value offering at least twice the quantity of high quality ingredients than a sushi roll for a similar price. Felipe advises that one NoriTaco is a snack, two works if you’re hungry and add a side to create a complete Japanese Latin meal priced around £15.

It’s not sushi + it’s not taco + it’s sugoi

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Our favourites is the Señor Crab; a nori taco with fried soft shell crab, lamb lettuce, sushi rice, sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander, shichmi togarashi & spicy mayo all for just £6.50.


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