Fourteen Ten assisted PlayStation during the creation of their first ‘social’ real life gaming experience. Four social games were developed by eight young people ‘the Game Runners’ in order to find a winning game. Our task was to help the ‘PlayStation Game Runners’ blog about their experience whilst creating a buzz online for the campaign.


Fourteen Ten created anticipation for the Game Runners Project through the creation of blogger partnerships with five leading UK culture blogs.

Pre-launch news about the project was only released  through those blogs and the bloggers also mentored the ‘Game Runners’ personally assisting them with exclusive content which they published throughout the campaign.

We ran a blogging workshop for the Game Runners prior to the mentoring to teach the Game Runners how to blog effectively.

Once the final game ‘Blocks’ was ready we launched an online publicity to specialist gaming sites and blogs to raise awareness for the Game Runners live public event.


  • 47 items of coverage for the Game Runners event.
  • 4 blog mentors recruited: InFormed London, Better Never Than Late, Nerdbanite, Yin N Yang.
  • 8 young students trained how to create and maintain a blog.
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