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Created and signed by Jean Sébastien Robicquet, internationally renowned master distiller, Nouaison Gin Reserve reveals an unprecedented balance between the texture of the grape, the richness of unique ingredients, and the roundness of controlled ageing.

Nouaison Gin Reserve combines two unique know-how: that of gin distillation and maturation in cognac barrels. This exceptional gin reveals its complexity on ice or in a variety of classic cocktails.

Nouaison Gin Reserve is the unique result of a distillation of exceptional French grapes, herbs, fruits and spices associated with meticulous aging in cognac barrels from the Le Pérat estate.

Available in several batches, Nouaison Gin Reserve comes in the form of numbered limited series in 50cl format.

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This gin can be enjoyed on ice as well as well as in many classic cocktails.


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