Their Story

Nature Shift is a food agency focused on bringing snacking foods to market to help consumers make the shift to something more natural when looking for a treat. The young company was founded on the premise of the personal requirement to enjoy a treat while avoiding artificial ingredients and shift to something more natural.

Under their ‘Nature Shift’ umbrella they have searched for brands with the clear objective that they must be ethically sourced, plant-based, organic, not contain artificial flavours and colourings made with real ingredients.

Consumers are snacking more and with 93% of UK adults enjoying a snack and 63% of these snacking at least once a day the requirement for more choice is becoming more prevalent.

The ultimate goal being to help others make the same shift towards a more natural product by representing a range of fun, innovative, good value and great tasting alternatives to classic confectionary.

Our Work

Trade Publicity.

Recommended Product

We like the ‘Mi Colazon’ all natural Cola bottle sweets from Not Guilty.


Nature Shift Client Logo