Murger Hanhan, Mayfair

A short video showcasing Murger HanHan restaurant in Mayfair, London's first authentic Xi'an restaurant and 12ft Biang Biang noodles!


Fourteen Ten are working with Murger HanHan; London’s first authentic Xi’an restaurant on their publicity and social media.

Their dishes originated during the Qin dynasty (221 BC to 206 BC) of Shanxi Province, home of both the legendary Terracotta Warriors, and the family who own Murger HanHan.

The chefs at Murger HanHan make fresh noodle dough every morning and upon ordering are hand-pulled into one entire noodle that is 12 feet long. This is then cooked with your ordered sauce, soup or topping chosen from the menu. All the noodles are made with wheat rather than rice as Shaanxi province does not harvest rice. Look out for the Extra Wide Noodles which are also hand-pulled but not split before cooking so are twice the width and half the length. There is one rice noodle dish served cold with sesame sauce.

MurgerHanHan is also the only restaurant in Europe that serves traditional drinks from Xi’an City such as Ice Peak Orange Soda, and Xi’an Rice Wine (0.5% alcohol) making for a fully authentic dining experience.