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Without doubt the Le family helped to start the Vietnamese trend in London which has since spread nationwide. They were the first to put Kingsland Road into the media, directing interested readers to this small stretch of road that is home to a Vietnamese community and their restaurants.

Fearing the Western palate would not take to the unknown flavours, the Vietnamese menus were littered with Chinese dishes to allow the familiar east to bring in the unfamilar.

Today, almost a decade later, Londoners are accustomed to Vietnames cuisine aided by the huge surge in tourism to Vietnam (direct flights from the UK and a boom in hotels) and those seeking Vietnamese are now looking for authenticity.

Mrs Le’s Banh Mi and Grill will be serving the most authentic Vietnamese menu of all their five locations. This new opening is a true reflection of how Vietnamese enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The kitchen, run by the husband of the Le’s eldest daughter, are focused on making as much as they can true to Vietnamese taste and recipes using ingredients and machinery such as an imported baguette oven from Vietnam.

Butter will be whipped as it is in Vietnam, pate home made and casava flour used – all in a bid to replicate as closely as possible the true taste of the Banh Mi.

At lunch and evening the grill is fired up to cook marinated meats, fish, seafood and vegetables simply accompanied by homemade pickes, salads and rice paper wraps.

Fourteen Ten are proud to support this project and continually commend Mien Tay’s generous support of profits to charities.

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