Fourteen Ten assisted Howies marketing agency in 2008 to help promote their now well established ‘Do Lectures‘. Which have quickly established themselves as one of Europe’s most inspiring set of on-line talks.

The idea is simple: That people who Do things, can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things too. It is a celebration of people who do stuff, make stuff, make change, make us think, make stuff happen.


To focus on the individuals involved in the project Fourteen Ten carried out a video seeding campaign distributing news and video content to as many relevant channels as possible.

We then carried out a blogger and community outreach campaign promoting the video content to independent sites, communities and bloggers who have an interest in each speaker or their subject. To focus on the message about ‘inspiring to DO‘ as a whole we targeted ethical lifestyle sites with a tailored press release.


  • Video distributed to 23 channels with video seeding campaign, receiving 14k additional views.
  • Outreach campaign saw 20 mentions, 12 embedded video placements and participation in 20 relevant communities.
  • 3 quality items of coverage were placed on ethical lifestyle sites.
  • On final report the total audience reached was 4.6 million.
Do Lectures