Their Story

Horl 1993 is a company that specialises in the manufacture of knife sharpeners.

In 2016, Otmar Horl and son Timo founded the business in Freiburg and focus on combining quality and design for their products. The HORL® sharpeners produced in the Black Forest make it possible to sharpen a wide variety of kitchen knives easily and precisely for professional-level results in everyday use.

After several years of development, the 1st generation of the HORL® sharpener was launched in 2016 and 2020 saw the launch of the HORL®2 collection. There are now also a selection of accessories including grinding disks, holders and HORL® leather to free the blade from grinding residue.

The system works in two parts; a magnetic angled sharpening block (the S-Pad) holds the knife in place and then with a simple rolling action with a diamond grinder creates the perfect angle. On the other side of the grinder sits a ceramic honing disc which, after a few movements, significantly refines the grinding and results in a smooth and clean sharpened knife edge.

“We want to make it possible for everyone to sharpen their knives so that cutting is a real pleasure. To achieve this, we develop easy-to-use, stylish products that always feel great to use” says Otmar Horl, founder of HORL 1993.

Our Work

Fourteen Ten are responsible for the UK launch of the HORL® sharpener and fulfilment of sampling to the UK media and selected influencers.

Website Link

The HORL® range is available online at and Borough Kitchen.

HORL2 Sharpener Set