Objective Brief

Fourteen Ten worked on a video seeding campaign for Electronic Arts on behalf of Shine Communications. Our brief was to support the traditional PR campaign for The Sims 2™ video game release by seeding ‘FreeTime’ a promotional music video featuring Natasha Bedingfield for the SIMS 2 Soundtrack announcement. The song is the first music video sung in ‘Simlish’ The Sims™ own language!


Fourteen Ten prepared an online press release and digital media assets such as video stills and exclusive images tailored for online use as well as different versions of the video and video embed code to help make the process of featuring the video as simple as possible for bloggers and communities.


  • Our seeding campaign secured 31 quality placements within a two week period.
  • Reaching 2.1 million views on final report 3 months later.
Sims 2