It is always a pleasure to work with David Tjong, Thomas Tjong and Sidney Tsang. Fourteen Ten were first introduced to the Ekachai team to support the rebranding of their Wandsworth restaurant in the Southside shopping centre where we worked with graffiti artists to create an interactive wall for passers-by in anticipation of the new-opening. You can read more about this here. On this occasion the project was much smaller in dimension but played part in much larger project launching the new music, bar and food destination of Flat Iron Square.

Our objective was simple. Ekachai is one of several food vendors but we must make them the most visible. Any mention of Flat Iron Square had to go hand in hand with Ekachai because our aim was to make our client the most popular vendor, the most recognised, the most trusted and the most profitable.

We did this… well, we can’t tell you how but our methods worked and Ekachai has generated the most profit amongst their competitors to date. Clearly this is not all down to us as they are extremely experienced, organised, invested time and money in the look and presentation of their serving area, and the food is crowd-pleasing, authentic, uses high quality ingredients, is generous in portion size and tastes brilliant. Once we got people there they would always return, and they do.