Fourteen Ten were asked to assist Camp Beaumont, an international student holiday company Camp who needed to repair their online reputation due to concerned parents calling in after reading comments online.


Fourteen Ten carried out a four month programme which included daily monitoring for negative and positive commentary. We reported damaging comments as it occured and provided a weekly report with full details.

From this report we detailed actions for highlighting positive sentiment and removing harmful comments by resolving with the individual or requesting removal from the media owner as slander.

Once this programme was completed we handed over our role by training Camp Beaumont staff to manage their reputation in-house.


  • At the start of our campaign 17% of all Camp Beaumont mentions were negative, this figure was converted to just 1% on completion.
  • Fourteen Ten managed to block the majority of negative content online, including:

– 14 offensive videos by past students removed from YouTube.
– 3 seriously damaging conversation threads from past staff removed from forums.
– 17 slanderous blog comments removed.
– 1 spam site which attacked the company removed from search by Google.

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