Their Story

Callebaut has crafted the finest Belgian chocolate for more than 100 years.

Fourteen Ten have been working with the brand on Callebaut NXT; an innovative product three years in the making that provides the ultimate solution for Chefs to create truly free-from, plant based recipes for the next generation of customer.

The NXT range produces results incredibly close to Callebaut’s renowned finest Belgian chocolates without any compromise on taste, snap, smell or shine. To achieve the creamy mouthfeel and flavour, Callebaut extracts a 100% vegetal milk-alternative from the chufa plant, this adds a fully creamy texture.

Unlike vegan chocolates, Callebaut’s NXT dairy-free range contains no traces of dairy whatsoever as well as being lactose-free, nut-free, allergen-free, 100% plant-based and vegan.

Our Work

Fourteen Ten are responsible for the UK and US territories within the global launch of Callebaut NXT with an initial target of trade media with a secondary consumer outreach following the addition of two unique products created by Phil Khoury, Head Pastry Chef at Harrods.

Callebaut also launches their NXT online plant-based platform, the first of its kind offering complete know-how for chefs by chefs including recipes for all segments as well as guides to all aspects of kitchen organisation.

Recommended Product Featuring NXT

Dawn of a New Day by Phil Khoury: Kent Conference pears poached in Harrods No. 42 Earl Grey tea with velvety milk-chocolate cream, Earl Grey sponge and milk-chocolate Chantilly – with a biscuit crunch.

Available from the Roastery & Bake Hall, Harrods.

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Callebaut Launches NXT
Dawn of a New Day