Their Story

Earlier this year Bin Bin Q was opened, bringing the experience of Xi’an’s famous Muslim Street (回民街) to London.

Every evening the Xi’an Muslim Market is filled with dense smoke from hundreds of stalls selling skewers. Vendors use three elements; charcoal, skewers and whatever food item they specialise in from land or sea. These vendors line the two main streets that form an l-shape and crowds make their way from one end to the other, chatting to friends and picking up skewers (烤肉串/红柳烤肉) on the way.

Bin Bin Q has brought these fundamental elements of heat (charcoal), seasoning and high quality ingredients to Euston offering a choice of 30 skewers and barbecue across Red Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Vegetables, sourced from Smithfield and Billingsgate. Skewers require no sauce or dips as they are designed to be eaten on the move. The flavour comes from the seasoning and Xi’an seasoning is a taste that you are unlikely to find anywhere else; a moreish combination of cumin, chilli and salt.

Inside the Euston restaurant is also a small Chinese supermarket with a huge range of unique and interesting snacks, drinks, cooking ingredients and frozen items imported directly from Xi’an.

Our Work

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Recommended Dishes:

Vegetables: Aubergine, Potato Slices, Enoki Mushrooms.
Poultry: Chicken Skin, Chicken Bone Rack, Whole Quail.
Red Meat: Lamb, Lamb Rib, Pork Sausage.
Seafood: King Prawns, Squid, Squid Neck.


Bin Bin Q