Promote sustainability and ethical resourcing ethos of menu launch at Delfina ‘neighbourhood’ restaurant.


Fourteen Ten collaborated with Dale Gibson to create the Bermondsey Bees Event at Delfina Restaurant. Dale is an urban beekeeper who produces honey on his rooftop hives close to the restaurant on Bermondsey Street.

We identified 12 influential London-centric and food bloggers and invited them to the rooftop hives to find out more about urban beekeeping.

This was followed by a 5-course honey menu in the restaurant using the local honey, a talk from the beekeeper and a honey-themed raffle raising money for Urban Bee Project – press and bloggers were also invited to this event.


  • Interest generated for the Bermondsey Bees event was high and attendance reached full capacity quickly.
  • We achieved 12 items of pre-event coverage and 32 items of post-event coverage.

Event Video

Bee Hive