Fourteen Ten assisted the US PR agency for Beats By Dre during the 2012 London Olympics.

The brand setup a private space in Shoreditch House from which to host invited guests and gift Olympic athletes with headphones.

During this time we assisted with inviting influential bloggers to the space as well as creating some exclusive online content.

Unfortunately the space was closed before all our guests could visit. However we are proud of the selection of attendees we confirmed in a short space of time from leading UK cultural/lifestyle blogs:

Amaru Don TV
Better Never Than Late
Culture Junkie
Data Transmission
Disney Roller Girl
Four Oh Five
Fried My Little Brain
Hip Hop Chronicle
Hip Hop Kings
I Am The Nu Black
Idol Magazine
Informed London
I Like It A Lot
London On The Inside
Mr Outre
Ow London
Pinboard Blog
Put Me On It
Run Riot
RWD Magazine
Snipe London
Soul Culture
The Cool Fashion
The Cultural Expose
UK Street Art
We Are HQ
We Plug Good Music
Who’s Jack
Yin N Yang

London 2012 Olympics