Oita Prefecture
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Japan’s Oita Prefecture are coming to London this month bringing Bungo, Donko and Kabosu-buri from Oita to the Capital for the first time.

The incredibly lush Oita region is found on Kyushu Island in South Japan. 70% of Oita is covered by forests and rivers encircled by 759 kilometers of coastline that has shoals in the north and a jagged coastline in the south. The coastal waters contribute to a prosperous fishing industry and the streams that flow from the mountain ranges give rich water sources to arable farm land.

Bungo beef comes from cattle raised in Oita’s beautiful region of rolling mountains. It is regarded as some of the very best beef in Japan and has a rich yet mild melt in the mouth flavour. Donko is the highest grade shiitake found growing from forest oak logs. These mushrooms are hand-harvested and sun-dried at their peak to capture the best flavour and most nutrients. Kabosu-buri is Japanese yellowtail that have been fed on a famous delicacy of Oita Prefecture, the kabosu lime, a citrus fruit that imparts a delicate note to the fish.

Dishes Available
Oita Sushi Rolls – Kabuso-buri, Donko Shiitake Mushrooms and Bungo Beef (£9.50)
Donko Steak – Donko Shiitake prepared on the Tepan (£6.80)
Bungo Beef Tataki – Roasted Bungo dressed with Sweet Soy and Wasabi Mayonnaise (£15)
Bungo Beef in Gunkan and Nigiri Style (£9.50)
Oita Set-Meals are available for lunch (£18.90 and dinner (£49.80/£59)

Available until October 15th-25th
Hosted by:
Benihana Chelsea, 77 Kings Road, SW3 4N. Tel: 020 7376 7799
Benihana Piccadilly, 37 Sackville Street, W1S 3EH. Tel: 020 7494 2525

If you would like further information on Bungo, Donko or Kabusoplease do not hesitate to contact us.

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