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Our NetworkTen Q&A sessions help us to develop relationships with and listen to our media.

Here is what Tea Time In Wonderland have to say about their blog, exciting plans for the future, what makes a good (or bad!) PR approach and what they were doing at 14.10 today.

1. Hello, who are you?
Bonjour, bonjour, very well thank you. I have coffee and triple chocolate cookies – I’m ready for everything! Hope the day is going well your side too!

2. Tell us a little about your blog

Friends used to come to London and ask me – Are they any boutique hotel in Camden? Which trendy restaurant do you recommend? Where can I go for an out-of-this-world cocktail? And so the blog was born – a happy place where you can find the extra in the ordinary, a little inspiration to make the day better. I’m often asked – what do you write about? Being French, food is central to my life. You might want to avoid my blog if you are on a diet! But mostly, beautiful things – little adventures around the world, street art in London… I like to surprise people.

3. How long have you been writing your blog?

5 years – I started when my son was born. It remained a hobby for a long time then served as portfolio, leading to new opportunities. I now freelance – a mix of travel writing, blogging, doing translations. Strangely, it means more working hours… but I love that every day is different. I might be going to a travel show in the morning, do a restaurant review for lunch, meet clients in the afternoon, before covering a cocktail event in the evening, start typing a post on my train back. The rhythm is rather fast paced, I get to meet incredible people. It makes you feel very alive.

4. What has been your most successful post and why?

My “20 ideas to enjoy the week-end in London”, which I post every Thursday is very popular. The one that got the most hits though was about a 23 Carat Gold body treatment at the Dophin Square spa… followed by Romantic ideas for London…

5. Which social network is the most successful in driving traffic to your blog?

Twitter – isn’t it fascinating how a picture, a tweet can go viral in no time? But I am hooked on Instagram, what a source of inspiration!

6. What makes a good PR approach?

Developping a relationship with the bloggers. If I feel generic/part of a huge mailing list, there is little chance I will feel very involved in the campaign. But sound passionate, make me part of the family and I’m in.

7. What makes a bad PR approach?

Getting my name very wrong and trying to push a product definitely not in the spirit of my blog. Do have a look at the site first. Morph suits or e-cigarettes for a cheerful foodie/travel blog? Not likely to work… It’s simple logic.

8. Do you have any exciting plans for your blog?

I’m considering e-publishing. I have revised three travel books for Hachette – US National Parks, Vienna, and putting the final touches on the London one. But being paper based, space is limited. So many places I would have liked to mention! So why not make one of my own with my favourite walks in London like Tower Bridge-Bermondsey-Maltby st and Druid St market?

9. What is the first site you check when you go online?

I’m always on the lookour for the latest trends so I go through Time Out-The Londonist-London on the Inside-Evening Standard Going out-A Little Bird-The Guardian every single day, in a row, in that order. Followed by my friend’s Farrukh’s Twitter feed – @implausibleblog – he takes amazing pictures/videos and is as much a cakeaholic as I am…

10. What were you doing at 14.10 today?

Editing pictures of a 4 days escape to Northumberland with Visit Britain for a future post. Such a gorgeous region – we walked along Hadrian’s wall, watched the stars, listened to a storyteller by a chimney fire, visited Alnwick Castle (where a Downton Abbey episode and part of Harry Potter was filmed) as well as Bamburgh castle with its incredible view on the sea. I can’t wait to go back and spend a few days walking through the countryside there!

Thank you to Coralie Grassin from Tea Time In Wonderland, we are particularly looking forward to reading about your favourite walks in London!

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