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To work efficiently and effectively we always listen to our media. NetworkTen helps us do this.

Here’s what events blog InFormed London have to say about their blog, PR approach, highlight so far, future plans and what they were doing at 14.10 today.

1. Hello, who are you?
Hey we are InFormed London and we like to talk about events.

2. Tell us a little about InFormed London
We post fresh events daily to keep people in the loop of what’s good around town. Everything is hand-picked with the aim to introduce you to a creative space where like-minded people within art, fashion and entertainment can get together.

3. How long have you been working on InFormed London?
We started the site in 2009 – so coming up to two years.

4. What has been your most successful post and why?
That’s a tough question – because there has been so many. Although, one that’s worth highlighting is the Social Media debate at the V&A. We were part of a panel of 8 other bloggers and the event was broadcasted live on Ustream.

5. What is your next post going to be?
Check the website tomorrow. The site is updated with fresh events daily.

6. Do you integrate your site with social media tools?
Yes we certainly do. We have a Facebook fanpage, Twitter profile, Foursquare and Youtube channel. Google+ coming soon.

7. Do you create individual content for your social media channels or replicate the same content using links?
We try to syndicate our content – so all our posts automatically get seeded on our social media channels. However, we also run exclusive competitions through the individual social media channels.

8. Is Facebook or Twitter the most successful in driving traffic to your blog?
Facebook generates the highest amount of traffic. However, Twitter allows us to engage with our users in real-time.

9. What makes a bad PR approach?
When it’s impersonal i.e. when there’s no personal greeting. A bad approach is also when the press release is not bespoke to our site or irrelevant to us.

10. What makes a good PR approach?
When the person shows that they have a thorough understanding of what our site is about. Furthermore, the PR person should try and be as concise and straight to the point as possible.

11. Do you have any exciting plans for InFormed London?
We are planning to organise more events. We are also looking in to ways of offering exclusive deals for our most loyal fans. So keep your eyes peeled.

12. Where do you see your blog in 3 years time?
InFormed New York, InFormed Hong Kong, InFormed Paris, InFormed Berlin etc…

13. What is the first site you check when you turn on your computer?
Soundcloud – to see if there’s any new music that we need to check out.

14. What were you doing at 14.10 today?
Eating a homemade tuna salad.

Thank you Sammy Attalah from InFormed London

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