Perfectly Broken
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We are pleased to announce that Nature Shift have announced their second brand to market as Perfectly Broken. Nature Shift is a UK based start-up focused on bringing snacking foods to market to help consumers make the shift to something more natural when looking for a treat.

Nature Shift is responding to the requirement for more choice is becoming more prevalent following research that consumers are snacking more and with:

  • 93% of UK adults enjoying a snack
  • 63% of these snacking at least once a day

Nature Shift is a young company, founded on the premise of the personal requirement to enjoy a treat while avoiding artificial ingredients and shift to something more natural, show no signs of slowing down on their mission to find great tasting alternatives to classic confectionary.

Under their ‘Nature Shift’ umbrella they have searched for brands with the clear objective that they must be ethically sourced, plant-based, organic, not contain artificial flavours and colourings made with real ingredients.

The ultimate goal being to help others make the same shift towards a more natural product by representing a range of fun, innovative, good value and great tasting alternatives to classic confectionary.

Nature Shift insists on a small SRP providing products to retailers that takes up a small and therefore efficient space allowing a cost-effective way of targeting consumers who are part of the increased snacking habit.

Perfectly Broken chocolate is broken snackable chocolate, offering large broken chunks of chocolate giving a more indulgent feel compared to those on the market that are more of a chocolate “thin” offering. The chocolate is available in three flavours and two sizes:

  • Pretzel and Sea Salt
  • Almond and Sea Salt
  • Raspberry and Granola
  • 50g (rrp £1.85)
  • 100g (rrp £2.99)

The 50g size is suitable for checkout and local stores and for those looking for a grab and go option whilst the re-sealable 100g is an ideal size as a sharing pouch; this 100g size follows the huge increase in popularity of the sharing bag format that saw:

  • 73% growth in sales in 2017
  • adding a value of £27m to the sector

The chocolate is convenient to eat wherever you want, choosing your required size making it perfect for any time of the day. The chocolate is made generously ensuring that each bite contains the perfect mix of both ingredients. New flavours will be launched early next year.

Being Fairtrade certified appeals to the 18-24 year old market that are looking for an ethical and premium chocolate which is not the traditional high cocoa percentage. As well as being vegan the broken chocolate allows more measured snacking, two prevalent concerns of the modern consumer.

Perfectly Broken adheres to Nature Shift’s clear objective that products must be ethically sourced without the use of artificial flavours and colourings and being made with real ingredients.

Perfectly Broken have high expectations for the world of chocolate and confident they can disrupt the current category to include something new and exciting.

Nature Shift has secured distribution for Perfectly Broken from Tree of Life, the UK’s largest wholesale distributor of healthy, natural and organic products, and is expected to be available to consumers from July.

Tree of Life is UK’s largest wholesale distributor of healthy, natural and organic products, supplying to businesses large and small for over 20 years and they supply over 1,200 independent retailers across the UK on a daily basis and are the major ambient supplier for organic supermarkets including Whole Foods Market, Morrisons, Asda, Amazon and Ocado.


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