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Mrs Le’s is an exciting new opening that has been created to be the closest replica to a Vietnamese grill restaurant in the capital and the restaurant serves many unique dishes that cannot be found elsewhere in London.

In 2013 you kindly reviewed their original location so we hope you may consider a visit to see the progression of not only the restaurant and enterprising family but also the progression of Vietnamese food in the Capital.

Dishes, marinades, cooking style and presentation is exactly as you would find in a typical grill restaurant in Vietnam popular in the south-west of the country. Ingredients have been carefully sourced including purchasing directly from Billingsgate Market and in the kitchen all sauces are made from scratch, pickles are homemade and dishes such as the fishcakes in this instance carefully prepared in the kitchen from whole Kingfish.

Dishes include:
Oyster with Mrs Le’s Cheese Sauce
Stuffed Freshwater Snails
Crispy Sticky Rice Cakes
Pickled Lemongrass
Pickled Soy Radish
(lunch) Pan-Roasted Chicken with Coconut Juice
Full menu here: vietnamesegrill.co.uk

The restaurant is owned by Van Le, eldest daughter of Mrs My Le, matriarch of the Le family, namesake of the restaurant and owner of London’s popular Mien Tay restaurants which in the words of AA Gill, “may well be the best Vietnamese (restaurant) in London” and a certain Daily Mail critic  “is some of the best Vietnamese food you’ll find west of Saigon”.

Editor’s Notes

About Mrs Le’s Banh Mi and Grill

The restaurant has been created for Londoners to experience the closest possible replica of a Vietnamese restaurant, without leaving the Capital.

As the name suggests diners are invited to choose from a menu of quality ingredients simply grilled and paired with homemade sauces, pickles and sides.  Dishes, marinades, cooking style and presentation is exactly as you would find in a typical grill restaurant in Vietnam popular in the south-west of the country.  Ingredients have been carefully sourced including purchasing directly from Billingsgate Market and in the kitchen all sauces are made from scratch, pickles are homemade and dishes such as the fishcakes are homemade, in this instance carefully prepared in the kitchen from whole Kingfish.

The menu also features a selection of unique starters you will not find elsewhere in London and a choice of six banh mi made with homemade pâté and traditional Vietnamese whipped butter.
Menu: http://vietnamesegrill.co.uk

Why Mrs Le’s?

The name Mrs Le’s honours the Le family’s matriarch Mrs My Le who, alongside husband Su Tran, have built Mien Tay from a small restaurant that opened in 2008 to 4 locations across London; Fulham, Battersea and two locations in Shoreditch (they could not accommodate the demand so were forced to take a second property a few doors down!).  Despite clear success Mrs My Le continues to make early morning trips to Billingsgate market after peeling garlic by hand into the early hours. Having spent the days working the restaurants with her personal touch and wide smile many customers call her “aunty” and she greets many by name. It is this role model that has inspired the name for her eldest daughter’s restaurant opening. 

With photographs of Vietnamese life on the walls, a monk-blessed shrine in the corner and authentic food on the tables, guests find themselves in a pocket of Vietnam in Battersea. Fat oysters in cheese sauce, sun-dried squid and coal-grilled whole chicken take you to streets of Mien Tay. Vegetarians are also catered for at Mrs Le’s with options such as fresh Crunchy Mango and Papaya Salad, Stir-Fried Rice and Noodles with Salted-Egg Tofu Cubes. Even the drinks menu could have come straight from Vietnam. The country’s famous coffee is served alongside Mrs Le’s sodas, freshly made juices and smoothies as well as the delicious Egg Coffee, adding yet another level of authenticity to this exciting new restaurant. 

Website & Social:



Mrs Le’s Banh Mi and Grill
78 Lavender Hill
SW11 5TQ



Opening Times:

Monday to Friday: 12-3pm / 5-11pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am- 10pm

Executive Chef:

Mr Su Le

Restaurant Manager:

Van Le (eldest daughter of the Le family)


Tel: 02079241777
Email: mrsle@vietnamesegrill.co.uk

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