By: Fourteen Ten On: August 3, 2016 In: Social Media Comments: 0

Instagram yesterday announced Instagram Stories, a new featured aimed at allowing users to capture moments for a limited time rather than permanently.

We believe this is a clever response to the immediacy of Snap Chat from Facebook who own Instagram and follows on from our post about Facebook Live, which we believe is Facebook’s answer to the rise of live video streaming as with Periscope.

So how can we use Instagram Stories for marketing?

  • As the name suggests these are a great way to tell a story. Whether this be a new product, launch event, anniversary or new menu it makes perfect sense to use Instagram Stories to tell your customers.
  • Sharing multiple content. Not only are you sharing an image but you can also share boomerang videos (like animated gifs) and add multiple texts and stickers, essentially you can build your messaging into your story creating a much richer marketing opportunity than any static image could.

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