I Am Zlatan App
By: Fourteen Ten On: February 17, 2012 In: Campaigns, Launches Comments: 0

Swedish publisher Bonnier has worked alongside footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović to create the first truly interactive biography app, which will be available exclusively for the iPad. The app is based on the bestselling book I Am Zlatan, completely re-imagined for touchscreen. It is believed to be the first biography of its kind, and certainly the first developed for a football superstar.

Based on the Mag+ platform, the app I Am Zlatan has been developed by the publisher Bonnier, following the release of Zlatan Ibrahimović’s autobiography late last year. It’s the first in the next generation of reading experiences, pushing the boundaries for how we consume works of literature. The app creates a highly immersive storytelling experience, where the original text is brought to life by a number of scenes, memorabilia, images and videos.

“I wanted to tell everyone my side of the story and let fans understand where I come from. The app is a great new way to experience this”, says Zlatan Ibrahimović.

The app’s release on 17th February 2012 coincides with the enigmatic Swedish striker’s return to British soil as he travels with A.C. Milan in the UEFA Champions League to face Arsenal. The app allows you to experience the story of legendary striker Zlatan Ibrahimović’s life and career in a completely new and unique way.

Deep-dive vertically to find the original text with adjacent images, videos and links for further exploration. Swipe horizontally to discover highly immersive and interactive scenes, never seen before visual stories highlighting defining moments of the player’s life. Additionally, the original text is re-created into a geographical as well as chronological interactive storyline.

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