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HORL 1993 have announced the launch of two new products; an ultra-fine sharpening stone (HORL® Kagami) and a sleek new sharpener system docking station (HORL® Dock)

HORL Kagami

HORL® Kagami

Designed in the Black Forest and produced in Japan for HORL® by Japanese sharpening experts the HORL® Kagami delivers a completely new level of sharpness.

The HORL® Kagami is an ultra-fine sharpening stone that delivers three-times finer sharpening results than with standard Japanese whetstones enabling you to give knives a mirror-like sharpness.

After intensive research and countless tests on a wider range of knives made of steels of all degrees of hardness, from the classic steels of European kitchen knives or high-quality Damascus and carbon steels, this unique sharpness can be achieved across the board.
“With the HORL Kagami we have married the principles of our HORL sharpener to the art of traditional Japanese knife sharpening.” said Julian Ruf, Product Development at HORL.
This product is suitable for use in conjunction with the HORL®2 and HORL®2 Pro and requires you to initially make full use of the Premium Sharpness Set (HORL® whetstones) followed by the additional use of the HORL® Kagami.
Such a level of sharpness sets new standards both optically and measurably, taking users to a completely new level, and serves for a truly wow moment when you first use the HORL® Kagami-sharpened knife.


HORL® Dock

With the new HORL® Dock your sharpener is immediately to hand whenever you want to sharpen your knives. It’s metallic finish and clean design lends a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

The HORL® Dock is so designed that the magnetic angle support is held in place magnetically, while the sharpener is gently parked on a silicone pad. Inclined at 20° the angle exactly matches that of the magnetic angle support for the HORL® 2 and HORL® 2 Pro, this presents the sharpener very elegantly. The anti-slip pad on the underside of the HORL® Dock allows it stands firmly on any surface.

Thanks to its subtle shape and compact dimensions (10.4 x 6.9 x 2.6 cm) the HORL® Dock fits easily in any kitchen and you can place your sharpener centre stage and premium sharpness for your kitchen knives is only an arm’s length away.

The Dock emphasizes both the HORL® 2 and HORL® 2 Pro designs to their best advantage; the graphite finish of the HORL® Dock stylishly contrasts the oak and walnut cases of HORL® 2 sharpeners while in dark bronze it perfectly matches the colour of the HORL® 2 Pro.

HORL® manufacture the Dock alongside regional partners in the Black Forest. From constructing the metal frame of the HORL® Dock to assembling the silicone pads, all production takes place in the local region. This means HORL® can guarantee the highest quality.


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About HORL 1993

HORL 1993 is a company that specialises in the manufacture of knife sharpeners. In 2016, Otmar Horl and son Timo founded the business in Freiburg and focus on combining quality and design for their products.

The HORL® sharpeners produced in the Black Forest make it possible to sharpen a wide variety of kitchen knives easily and precisely for professional-level results in everyday use.

“We want to make it possible for everyone to sharpen their knives so that cutting is a real pleasure. To achieve this, we develop easy-to-use, stylish products that always feel great to use” says Timo Horl, founder of HORL 1993.

Company History

After several years of development, the 1st generation of the HORL® sharpener
was launched in 2016 and 2020 saw the launch of the HORL® 2 collection.

UK Availability

The HORL® range is available online at www.horl.com and selected retailers.

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