HORL 2 Black
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HORL 1993 Launches Limited Edition HORL® 2 Black

With this limited edition product HORL® have created something very special. The chance for one in 500 owners to discover the exclusive premium sharpness with a HORL® 2 Black.

The Black Forest is in their hearts and serves as a constant source of inspiration for HORL® and for many of their products and new ideas. One such idea was to produce something truly exceptional: the result is the Limited Edition HORL® 2 Black.

The HORL® 2 in Black is supplied inside a new and stylish box, which includes space for all of the HORL® sharpening accessories.

The HORL® 2 Black guarantees premium sharpness for all your knives. In addition to the customary high quality and impressive sharpening result, the sharpener is also stunning with its stylish and quintessentially black finish. For those who appreciate the exceptional.

From the pure wool felt that lines the lid of the box to the finely engineered magnifier and the quality paint: their Limited Edition Black is a touch of class, down to the smallest of details.

The series was made in collaboration with their partners in the Black Forest who share their love of uncompromising quality. Together, they have succeeded in creating something truly exceptional.

The series is strictly limited and each of the 500 produced is uniquely numbered with each set engraved with a serial number within the limited edition.

The set includes:

  • HORL® 2 Black
  • HORL® Box
  • HORL® Magnifier
  • HORL® Diamond Coarse Grinding Disc
  • HORL® Ceramic Honing Disc
  • HORL®Whetstone #3000 Fine
  • HORL®Whetstone #6000 Extra Fine
  • HORL®Leather Strop


Editors Notes

Press Quotes:

“The best knife sharpener I have ever tried”
Duncan Bell, T3 Magazine

“A game changer”
Tony Turnbull, The Times

“We were blown away by how quick and easy this at-home knife sharpener was to use”
Melanie Giandzi, Good Housekeeping

“The savviest way to banish blunt knives”
The Field

About Horl 1993

Horl 1993 is a company that specialises in the manufacture of knife sharpeners. In 2016, Otmar Horl and son Timo founded the business in Freiburg and focus on combining quality and design for their products. The HORL® sharpeners produced in the Black Forest make it possible to sharpen a wide variety of kitchen knives easily and precisely for professional-level results in everyday use.

Company History

After several years of development, the 1st generation of the HORL® sharpener
was launched in 2016 and 2020 saw the launch of the HORL®2 collection.

UK Availability

The HORL® range is available online at horl.com or at selected retailers in the UK as listed on the company website.

About HORL® 2

HORL® 2 offers interchangeable grinding discs, a 15° grinding angle for a filigree edge and a 20° grinding angle for more robust blades.

HORL products are available at horl.com or at selected retailers in the UK as listed on the company website.

BLACK EDITION RRP: £699 (Otherwise £159)

About the Grinding Angles & Magnetic Pad

20° grinding angle for robust sharpness results in a stable, easy care blade, ideal for general tasks in the kitchen European kitchen knives, hard or soft steel, stainless and rust-resistant steels, universal blades with a large spine, very dull knives, outdoor knives

15° grinding angle for filigree sharpness results in a thin edge, with less resistance while cutting, ideal for knives for fine cutting work fine blades, Damascus knives, Asian kitchen knives, particularly hard steels with a high carbon content

About the The brand new HORL® Magnifier

HORL® developed the HORL® Magnifier so that sharpness is not only functional, but also visible. Made in the Black Forest, the HORL® Magnifier offers 3.5x magnification, which is perfect for examining the grinding pattern of the sharpened edge. For those who like to take a closer look.

About the Limited Edition HORL® Box

The HORL® Box is a stylish storage solution for the entire HORL® sharpening product range that serves multiple purposes: As well as ensuring safe and secure transportation it is the perfect way to store your HORL® sharpener and its accessories so that everything is found in one place. The HORL® Box is certainly a neat and elegant addition in any kitchen.

About the S-Pad

The silicone membrane with anti-slip effect makes it possible to fix even small knives at the desired height.

Sharpening Tips

Remove burr
Even after uniform grinding, an almost invisible burr can prevent you achieving the desired sharpness.You can tell if a burr has formed, either visually, or by
a scratchy feeling when wiping the knife with a cloth or leather. You can remove the burr with a few gentle grinding passes. Make sure that the blade is thoroughly stropped to obtain an impressive sharpness.

Stropping the knife

To ensure premium sharpness, your blade should be stropped and smooth. Furthermore, we recommend stropping your knife after every usage of the diamond disc or the ceramic honing disc. The smoother the blade, the more impressive the edge will be.

Production Notes

Filigree bevels, solid components and precise workmanship make every HORL® product unique.

To guarantee maximum quality, the solid wood used is dried to 7-8% humidity in separate ovens by our partner companies in the Black Forest.

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