Hangover Pizza
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To help ease pain during the party season NY Fold has created The Hangover Pizza. This limited edition pizza has been specially designed for pre and post partying for those in need of rejuvenation and replenishment.

The topping combines the following:

Egg: contains B-vitamins and amino acids that destroy toxins and replace the levels of B-vitamins lost through drinking
Sausage: full of selenium essential for the normal functioning of the immune system
Pecorino: this cheese is rich in probiotics and having fat before drinking slows the rate of alcohol absorption
Oregano: a powerful antioxidant that can help stimulate electrons to counterbalance stress of protein, lipids and DNA
Fresh Garlic: a natural antibiotic with anti fungal and antiviral properties
Spinach: (replaces the sausage in the vegetarian option) rich in iron and contains niacin and zinc as well as a host of other vitamins good for reducing fatigue

Alka Seltzer is available free of charge upon request.

Please find further details below.

If you would like further information on The Hangover Pizza or NYFoldplease do not hesitate to contact Krista Booker

The Hangover Pizza
Meat Version: Egg  / Sausage / Mozzarella / Oregano / Fresh Garlic / Pecorino
Vegetarian Version: Egg  / Spinach /Mozzarella / Oregano / Fresh Garlic / Pecorino
Available from now until the end of December
Priced at £20 (16”) and £25 (20”)
Available in full pie only

Alka Seltzer
One sachet per person available
Over 16s only
Customers will be asked to read medical advice on sachet prior to taking

About NY Fold
Family-run NY Fold is owned by Annabel and Michael Wheeler who wanted to incorporate their love of NY-style pizza so familiar to them from their hometown of New York. They believe that great pizza is all about using quality ingredients and lots of them. Each ingredient is individually selected and then placed on a hand-tossed New York style base that has been proofed for 48h resulting in a light and crispy texture that makes for easy digestion. It is then cooked in gas ovens rather than with coal or wood. This makes the base pliable enough to be folded in half, making it an immediate and portable dish, encapsulating the essence of New York style pizza.

What is New York-style pizza?
It’s Large
It’s Hand-Tossed
It’s Thin-Crust
It’s Wide Slices
It’s Ready to FOLD
Stand / Sit / Take Away / Delivery

103 Charing Cross Road
Tel: 020 7287 6633

64 inside
6 outside

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 11:00 til 00:30
Sunday 12:00 til midnight

Instagram: @nyfold
Facebook: @nyfold
Twitter: @NYFold_London


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