Cronut 4th Birthday
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Dominique Ansel Bakery London will be celebrating the 4th birthday of the Cronut® this Saturday 13th May by surprising customers with free Cronut® Holes.

Lucky customers will have the opportunity to taste the very first Cronut® flavour ever made from the New York launch in 2013 (Rose Vanilla) as well as the first ever flavours from the London (Butterscotch Cocoa Nib) and Tokyo (Hokkaido Milk Honey Ganache & Yuzu Lemon Curd) bakeries. Because no flavour is ever repeated this is a exciting opportunity for fans of the Cronut®.

At random times throughout the day Happy Birthday will play from the speakers and staff will offer customers a choice of one of the flavours. This celebration will run between 8am and 8pm.

What is a Cronut®?

The Cronut® is a signature pastry created by Chef Dominique Ansel that is shaped like a doughnut but made with a laminated dough which has been likened to a croissant but uses a proprietary recipe with a different ratio of ingredients, different thickness, and different number of folds.

The Cronut® pastry is first proofed and then fried in grapeseed oil at a specific temperature. Once cooked each Cronut® is flavoured in three ways: first rolled in sugar; then filled with cream and topped with glaze. Cronut® pastries are made fresh in-house daily.

Why does the Cronut® warrant its own celebration?

The Cronut®’s delicious taste, elegant appearance and intrinsically innovative nature has lead it to become histories most viral dessert and to be named one of TIME magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2013. Lines for the Cronut® averaged 300 per day in its early years in Soho and the Cronut® still frequently sells out by lunchtime in Dominique’s bakeries world wide.
Dominique Ansel

Dominique Ansel’s career evolved from the age of 16 where he worked in a local French kitchen to help his family afford their living onto teaching locals in the French Guyana how to cook during his military service. Dominique then began working for Fauchon in Paris as an hourly holiday chef eventually leading their international expansion. Dominique moved to New York in 2006 and maintained his role as Executive Pastry Chef of restaurant Daniel for six years until he opened Dominique Ansel Bakery New York in 2011 with just 4 employees and a 100-sq ft kitchen.

He has since become world renowned for his innovations in patisserie that include the Cronut®, the Frozen S’more and The Milk and Cookie Shot and has expanded internationally opening another bakery in New York, one in London and two in Tokyo with a full-service restaurant in LA opening in the Autumn.

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