Dirty Doughnuts
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Fried Chicken + Doughnut = Dirty Doughnuts : from Ma’ Plucker

Beak Street’s Ma’ Plucker have combined two of London’s favourite foods, fried chicken and glazed doughnuts, to make “dirty doughnuts”.

The dirty doughnuts are served exclusively as part of Ma’s Dirty Birds & Doughnuts Afternoon Tea alongside a boozy cocktail and three mini desserts for £18.50 per person.

This antidote to the formality and traditional afternoon tea includes:

A choice of three cocktails:
Cold Brew Coffee Martini
Cherry Flavoured Beer
Butterscotch Schnapps
(followed by unlimited iced tea)

Three “dirty doughnuts”:
Elvis Fried Chicken with peanut butter, streaky bacon served on a jam filled doughnut.
Spicy Fried Chicken with jalapeño jelly served on a honey glazed mini doughnut.
Pulled BBQ Chicken with apricot jelly served on a smoked paprika mini doughnut.
served with mini fries

Caramel Popcorn Sundae Ice Cream
Unicorn Shake Shooter
Salted Chilli Brownie

Editors Notes
Ma’s Dirty Birds & Doughnuts Afternoon Tea

Monday to Friday : 3pm – 6pm
Weekends : midday to 6pm

“We wanted to create something unique special that you just cannot try anywhere else in London, I knew I wanted a super soft carrying vehicle for the mini fried chicken fillets that are super tender and juicy. We tried all sorts of demi brioche, soft American sweet glaze, potato rolls and even American biscuits (scones) but all where a little dense. We came up for an idea after I saw the trend in the USA for doughnut beef burgers, its then I questioned would it work well for spicy fried chicken. The first doughnut fried chicken we tasted brought smiles to our faces – its really shouldn’t work from the minds perspective mixing sweet & savoury but it just works, soft, spicy, salt and sweet in one hit. We then took it to the next stage can we match coffee inspired drinks to get that classic coffee and doughnuts combination that everyone loves. The cold brew espresso martini is the perfect partner not to mention the cherry beer which works very well!! Dirty doughnuts is a well thought out concept and experience that you can’t find anywhere else”
Nick Cuadrado, Culinary Director, Ma’ Plucker

About Ma’ Plucker:
Having opened in 2015 in the heart of London, Ma’ Plucker has firmly formed itself as one the best destinations for luxury buttermilk dipped chicken in London. Nested on Beak Street in Soho, the restaurant is well placed for a quick bite at lunch or an after work cocktail and dinner as well as weekend leisurely brunches.

Ma’ Plucker Menu:
Ma’ Plucker knows how to do chicken well, from their signature crispy coated buttermilk dipped chicken to their rotisserie chipotle rubbed and roasted chicken and the unctuous hickory pulled low and slow chicken, guests are guaranteed to have a juicy and succulent bird every time. The menu is aimed at guests building their own ultimate three-way chicken, this is not only three types of chicken but also the three accompaniments they offer. They pick which chicken they would like, the base of house bun, salad or waffle and then there is a choice of five sauces including the famous chicken skin gravy or a spicy kick with the chipotle chilli sauce. Inventive sides complement the chicken, crack and cheeze balls – delicious parcels of deep fried macaroni cheese which are an indulgent delight and Ma’s Slaw, a creamy bowl of delicious coleslaw.


Ma’ Plucker, 75 Beak Street, London, W1F 9SS

Opening Hours:
Monday – Tuesday 12pm-9pm
Wednesday – 12pm – 10pm
Thursday 12pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday – 12pm – 5pm

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